Current positions open:

Journeyman Technicians: Full time plus benefits.
Apprentice Technicians: Full time plus benefits.

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Accounting/Credit Application

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If you have any questions regarding obtaining an account with us, please click on the application button above, fill out completely and sign the application. A copy of the Credit Terms must also be signed and accompany the application. Either fax or email back to us.

Fax: (406) 388-2082

Please keep in mind that it takes at least 5 working days to compile information to open an account. All personal accounts start with a $500 credit limit and company accounts start with a $1000 credit limit. If you will need a higher credit limit approved, you will need to contact Jeannie Biggers when submitting your application. Thank you and we look forward in doing business with you.

If you have question regarding your current account or need copies of your statement or invoices you can contact Ivy Covey .
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